Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cody's news 3/28/2010

Dear Mother,
On Tuesday I got my new companion his name is Elder Bordolli and yes he is another Argentinean, but this time the 2 other Gringos that I was living with moved out of the house. Now it is just me and him solo. So my spanish should be improving alot more because I am forced to speak it just about all day long (except when I am teaching Martin the Swede). I hope that everything is good there because things are great here my new companion and I have have a goal for the month of April to baptized 6 people and we have the 6 people in a list already and so that is what we are working for right now some of the people have a few problems that we need to find a way to resolve. One lady is living with some guy and she wants to get baptized but she doesn't want to kick the guy out of the house or something like that That is what we are working for right now. But things are great here. It sounds like Amber is home sick and she has not felt any aftershocks how sad I had hoped that she would be able to relate to me on how it feels to be in a earthquake but what ever. Last night at about 4 in the morning we had another aftershock but it wasn't anything too big it started and I was waiting for it to get worse before I jumped out of my bed but it didn't so I went back to sleep. When we had the earthquake we had like a bazillion missionaries and members run out in the street in just their garments. Oh ya I saw the photo I don't know how to describe my face maybe it was just walking in the rain and the sun was out, but now I am like "UTAH" famous and the photo is on LDS newsroom so also "church" famous. ya in Talca it was like the earth was boiling that is the best way I can describe it.
Well I love you,

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