Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cody's News 3/2/2010

Hey momma,
I just had some lunch and am sending you some mail. So where I am at in Talca things are good. We have electricity and some water that flows, and we were able to buy some food yesterday. I was talking to an Elder in my zone that was in the part of the city more affected and he said that he saw around 6 dead people while he was helping out. I wrote down some stuff that happened but I need to write down some more things. The best way I can describe a 8.8 earthquake is that it is like the earth is boiling underneath you or that is how it felt for me when I was in my bed. Because I didn't leave my bed when it happened. I was in my bed and it started I left my bed for a second because I wasn't sure if the bed of my companion was going to fall on me but after about 10 seconds of that I was back in my bed. But things are pretty bad here I went into the central part of the city and tons of buildings have just fallen apart. My companion said that he saw people burying people in the street but I didn't see because we were riding in the back of this truck kind of like a moving truck some thing like that and we went through part of the city that was just toast. When the earthquake woke me up I was like "crap, a earthquake you have got to be kidding." then my mind flashed to a video clip of a earthquake in Japan that I saw about some guy in a office during a earthquake. After the 2 minutes of earthquake I finally got out of bed with my companion and the other 2 elders that we live with and after about 10 minutes the Bishop showed up and asked us to go around to some houses in the ward and check how things were. So we did that and every one was fine. Now we have just been surviving. We went to the supermarket on Saturday to see if we could get some food because we had none but people had begun to rob the store so the police shut it down. Yesterday we went to buy some food and the police were there but they had a line set up to wait to get into the store only a certain amount of people could be inside all at once so when one left one could go in. So we bought some food and we have some bottled water. Oh when we went into the central part of the city people had broken into a pharmacy and they were stealing things so we took our tags off because we didn't want people to think that we had tons of money and have some one rob us. These are a few things that have happened and I have some pictures of damage of what happened maybe you can sell them to the news or something so you will not always have to see the same photos. I have been thinking alot about my patriarticle blessing the past few days because it said that my mission would prepare me for the rest of my life, so right now I am wondering what the future will hold and if God sent me here for this earthquake or what am I supposed to be learning from this. Oh you could put those picture on my blog I think we are going to come back for more email after lunch and I will have my camera then
Love you and stay safe
Sorry, I never received any photos if and when I do, I will post them:)

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