Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cody's news 3/15/2010

Hello Everyone,
(Ryan asked about some earthquakes that had happened during the week.) Ya the earthquakes happened and nothing happened my companion and I were walking in the street and the ground began to shake and so we walked into a small area where nothing would fall on us. And we watched all the telephone poles and the houses shake that was interesting and I wanted to get it on video but I didn't have my camera, so we are doing proselyting work and service work to. The other day we went to "a roof for chile" and we helped make houses so that was good. We had our three baptisms and that went all fine and dandy but we didn't have hot water because they shut the gas from the city off after the earthquake. This week went by fast also, I rarely see my mission president because there is about a 4 hour drive from Talca to Concepcion so he rarely comes out here. We just e-mail him each week. Did you know that we don't even hand out Books of Mormon? We pass out the pass alongs for the Book of Mormon but not the actual book because we don't get them all the time so we give them to people that we teach but not to people in the street. Ok so here are 2 experiences for you that acutally happed this last week. So there is this guy named martin that I am teaching he is from Sweden but he speaks English and Swedish (his wife is Chilean and she speaks English, Spanish and Swedish) so we went to his mother inlaws house to paint a room for service (Martin was working on his computer) so we paint and we didn't get to finish because we had to go to lunch so we go to lunch and we change our clothes and go back the mother inlaw invites us in and tells us to go to the room that we had been painting so we go and there is Martin in just his briefs painting the room nothing else on and his wife Claudia is like here Elder Moss take a seat and talk to Martin so his wife gives me a seat in the room with Martin (while he is in just his briefs and painting) to talk more with Martin about the church so that was a little odd but that is what happened. The other expierience is we went to the house of Claudia Rojas (diffrent Claudia from before, this Claudia just got baptized on Sunday) I was on a exchange for a day with an Elder from Peru and we were teaching Claudia about the holy Ghost well we are teaching and all that and her dad walks into the room (he is pentecostal) and he just starts going off on us and he tells us to just open up the scriptures randomly and read what comes out because God will gide it to what you will teach or something like that and he just keeps going off and talking and talking and talking so we couldn't really teach Claudia . Finally when we left Claudia came with us and asked us when we could come again and so we set up our next appointment with her and I looked at her and she looked really sad so I asked her if she was alright and she was like " Oh elder I am just so sad with my husband committing suicide and every day I wonder what is the purpose of me living" so I told her "Claudia you have your daughter right now to live for, you have her" then I asked if it was alright if we read a scripture so I pulled out the Book of Mormon right there in the middle of the road and I had her read Alma 7:11-12 where it talks about the atonement and after she read it she said " Elder I feel strange, I feel calm" and so I was able to tell her that, that was the Holy Ghost, and she began to cry. It is interesting that I was able to teach her alot better about what the Holy Ghost is right there in the street, than if we had sat her down and tried teaching about the Holy Ghost with out having her dad try and fight with us. A normal day for me in the mission is at 7 I wake up and from 7-7:30 have excercises from 7:30-8:30 get ready for the day 8:30-9:30 personal study 9:30-10:30 companion study and the last half and hour language study after that we leave and sometimes we will do contacts in the street or we will confirm appointments later on in the day or even teach until 1:30 then we eat lunch for an hour and from 2:30-3:30 we have an hour to get ready for the day and from 3:30-10 we are working the whole time at 10 we return home and plan for a half an hour and then we have a half and hour to get ready for bed. That is a typical day. well the time difference was 4 hours but I dont think we changed our time so now it is I think 3 or 5 depending on which way you went.
Love You,Elder Cody Moss

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