Monday, August 2, 2010

Ambers News August 2, 2010

Well this week was great. We had intercambios where I went to another sector for the day this was Tuesday and that was pretty fun. I was with a Latina for the day. We worked in Esmeralda. Oh we had 9 people in church yesterday!! This is a record for me it's a lot of people I think. In our zone the last week we had 25 or something so Hna Buckner and I had almost half the people in our church.

Oh sad story we did not get to baptize this week cuz of a situation in her family. They left for the week but are back now so we are going to visit them tonight. Hopefully this week we will be able to baptize her. Then the next week we have a baptism lined up for Maureen she is super buena. I always have to laugh cuz when we ask her to pray or read a scripture she says esta bien (it its ok)

We are working with a couple named Angel y Mari and Dalion. They are awesome. Mari is a inactive. But super inactive a lot has passed since she was baptized. But Angel y Mari want to get baptized and Dalion wants to be baptized also. They are going to get married in the church on the 4th of September and be baptized the 5th of September! I'm really excited for them they are so funny. I just hope I'm still here in Lampa. We have transfers the 15 of Agosto. So we will see. Hna Buckner and I think that I will still be here but ya never know. Last night we were reading 2Ne9 with them and Mari doesn't say the word Devil or Satan cuz she says it gives him I don't know power or recognition or something. But when we were reading she said it and after she was like ahhhhh it was really funny.

Orlando said that he prayed and felt good but he still doesn't have a date to be baptized but I think this week we are going to set a date. He is a really good joven (youth) person sorry (spanglish doesn't work well) Anywho he is 17 years old and is a really good guy I think with a little bit of time he will be baptized.

We are working hard over here and I really enjoy the work helping these people to understand the gospel is amazing and to see the changes of the people is really something special to see.

Love, Hna Moss

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