Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amber's News 8/9/2010

Hey Everyone,

Bueno this week we had a baptism for La Cata! It was really good to see her baptized. She is 10 years old and was really excited to be baptized. We are going to have another baptizm this week for Maureen she's a super smart girl she is also 10 and it was funny when she told us that she recived her answer that she felt a peace but she held out the word peace.

We had a zone conferencia this week it was really good they are changing a lot of things in the mission now. So it's pretty exciting and we are going to have trainging this month so it is going to go by really really fast. Every week we will have a training thing in Santiago. I am pretty excited to learn all of new stuff we really know most of it, it is all still in preach my gospel it is just a different enfasis.

Angel and Mari are doing great I loved one thing that Mari said the other day. She said that before they felt like they were missing something but now that they are talking with us, reading and asisting in the church they feel full they don't feel like they are missing something now. This really brought joy to my heart.

Well for my birthday we are going to baptize Angel y dalion. Other than that I don't have any plans. Maybe I will do what I did for 4th of july (I forgot).

Love, Amber

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