Monday, August 2, 2010

Cody's News August 2, 2010

Things are good here. We are working on getting some people to progress and get testimonies so then they can get baptized soon. I will to be sure to celebrate my birthday some way and I hope it will be a great day. I should be getting my shoes in a little bit maybe like a week or 2. I hope. Well we are teaching his girl named Goldelva and either she miss understood us or she is crazy we asked her to pray to see if the book of mormon was true. When we knelt down and prayed she prayed to know if it existed or not. I'm not sure if she got a spiritual witness but when she opened her eyes and looked at what was in her hands she sure did get an answer. I still use the shoes with the cracks in the bottom just when it is wet out side they fill up with water and then my feet get cold. I bought some ugly shoe laces that are braided to get me through with my other shoes until I can get me some nicer ones. we keep teaching Claudia but she went to Conception for the week end so that was a real bummer for Elder Denis and I. also she now has the parental rights to her niece ( the nieces mom and the man the mom lives with are bums) so now we are also teaching her so we are hoping that we can get Claudia and her niece baptized. Well things are pretty good here. I saw the pictures that Dad sent of you guys on the air craft carrier and in Disneyland I just happen to be jealous but maybe I will send some pictures of Bulnes next week to make you all jealous. Well stay cool up there in the August heat and remember that it is my birthday on Thursday. Oh yah with our new mission president we are getting some cool new changes from the first presidency and Amber's mission is way behind. In like 2 weeks we are going to get a special 2 day training session with President Humphrey himself.
Lots of Love,
Elder Moss

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