Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amber's News 8/23/2010

Hello everyone,
This week was pretty well, exciting. First last Monday they cut our water because the office didn't pay our bill. That was pretty fun lol luckly it was only for one day. Then the next night I started to feel sick and we were walking to an appointment and Hna Buckner knew that I felt like I was going to throw up but as we were walking I stoped and trew up. I think Hna Buckner about died but we went back to the house and I went to bed but all night I threw up. That was fun! In the morning we had to go to Santiago and I still didn't feel good but I threw up one last time before we left and I was so nervous to ride the bus to Santiago especially since I was throwing up but hey I made it all the way a 40 min bus ride. Then we had our capicitiacion and I still didn't feel good. But I was doing ok. But I had called the doctor when I got there he said to go home and rest. So I did that I went home and slept from 2:30 until 7:00. When I woke up Hna Buckner was so happy cuz she was so board. She had cleaned the whole house had even arranged all of her things including in her suitcases. She said she was going loco because she hadn't had anyone to talk to for five hours. So I ate half a banana and went back to bed lol and I didnt wake up till the next morning.
Then the next night Hna Buckner cut my hair that was pretty fun. It is pretty short now. It will be nice for summer cuz it is going to be hot here. Then Saturday we had a devotional in Santiago.This is a picture of Daniel at his baptism! His baptizm was really great. His mom and dad came too. We had the new elder in our district baptize Daniel his name is Elder Elder lol I'm not even joking. So that was pretty sweet. Basically that was what happened this week.

Lots of Love,
Sister Moss

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