Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amber's News 8/16/2010

This last week was great. We didn't baptize Maureen because she said that she didn't feel ready yet so we are going to work with her a little more until she feels comfortable. The day after that we had intercambios for the day and I went to Esmeralda and Hna Buckner stayed in Lampa but we had our studies and turns out we studied the same thing for Maureen and so now we know what we need to do. It is pretty neat how the spirit works cuz we were like and 1 hr. and half away from each other but we both studied the same page in Preach My Gospel. It was about the Book of Mormon and Jose Smith.

Yesterday Catalina received the Holy Ghost that was really special. Her mom and dad came to sacrament to see her get the Holy Ghost. Last night they were all really sad cuz it was possibly our last night cuz we had changes. So they were all really sad and this morning they said that Cata was crying after we left. Super sad but bueno I'm still in lampa yeah.

lol we had a lesson with Angel y Mari it was really good. But before our lesson they were showing us that Angel had bought a smaller pack of cigarettes and Hna Buckner said lets see and then she took his cigarettes and put them in her bag. So that was really weird walking around with cigs. He didn't really say anything when she took them just that they are bad for your health. Then the next day he was mad at us for stealing his cigs cuz he had to go out into the cold at night and try to find a place that was open so he could smoke. Anywho that was what happened with them oh actually earlier in the week we had a super bueno lesson con ellos we taught about the oracion (prayer) and how they could receive answers to their prayers so we gave them paper and they wrote a question or two and then we prayed for like ten minutes. Mari said she received answers and Angel was really thoughtful after that he said later that he had not received a answer yet. That is ok cuz I know in time he will. What ever his question is man, I really want to know what it is.....received

This week we have a baptism planed for Daniel. He is about thirteen years old he is a good kid and is excited to be baptized. This past week he even had his friend Javier join us for the classes and now we are teaching him too. They both came to church yesterday and are progressing. Ah it was neat in one of our lesson with Javier we taught the restoration and then Daniel bore his testimony to Javier of when he received his answer. He said in his his head it just came to him si! (for those of you that don't speak Spanish that means yes lol). Javiers dad died about two months ago so we are planing on teaching the plan to him soon. Javier is really really smart and understands all about prophets and what not.

Some of the changes that happened in the mission is now we don't have interviews every cambio but every three months. Same with zone conference what else is new we are going to teach more of the doctrine of Christ and we learned about revelations through prayer and this week we are going to learn revelation through the Book of Mormon and revelation through assisting the church.
Love, Amber

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