Monday, July 26, 2010

Cody's News 7/26/2010

Hola from Chile,
Things here in Bulnes are great. for the pizza that we made, it was funny I found out that what I thought I was using for gluten was actually potato starch, but the pizza was good anyway. When we bought the cheese we went to the store and told the people that we wanted a kilogram of cheese and they went to a big giant block of it and chopped off a chunk, then we greated it ourselves. Elder Denis is from Las Vegas, and we had cambios (transfers) today and I thought he was going to go but the good news is that he is going to stay at least another 6 weeks here in Bulnes. I do email Amber I happened to do that last week when. Elder Denis wants to study to become a teacher. and he says that he would die for the opprotunity to work at the apple store. We are still working on finding some new people, and we have a few investigators that are coming to church regualry so that is good. Claudia is really close to getting baptized her only obstical is that she has a man that is living in her house, she finds it difficult to just kick him out. Well this week we had Branch conference and we watched Jospeh Smith Prophet of the Restoration on friday that was nice. We also taught a class about preach my gospel and how some of the principals taught in the manual can help normal everyday members. Well the majority of the investigators that we have here in Bulnes are eternal investigators that have been investigating the church for forever, but we have 3 main people, Claudia that is going to get baptized, Goldelva she used to go to a evangelical church and for a while she had fears to change because she didn't want to lose her "friends" at the other church. Victor he is really just afraid to make a desicion if he wants to get baptized or not. and all of the other people that we find through out the day when we come back to their houses for the 2nd time we cannot find them again. so that is kind of the run down on the people we are teaching.

Have a Super Awesome day
Elder Cody Moss

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