Monday, June 28, 2010

Cody's News 6/28/2010

Hey !
Well my new mission president is President Humphrey he is from California and my new companion Elder Denis has only like 3 months until he goes home to the states. So some times he likes to talk a lot about home. You don't have any weird reactions to horse meat it is just chewy but I had no problem eating it. I like the music on the ipod it is good. How many packages did you send? 2 or 3 because I got 2 one full of presents and other with the ipod I wasn't sure if you wanted me to wait for the packages so I opened them anyway Elder Denis says that he is quite jealous of my ihome but when he goes home he wants to buy the iphone 4. I hope that you all do great up there in happy ole Mapleton I saw a picture of Utah the other day and I was like ugh how ugly haha but I love it up there so we will have to see how I react when I get back. Yesterday for lunch we had mashed potatoes and brisquet I belive because it tasted just like it and I died of deliciousness.
Elder Cody Moss

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