Monday, July 5, 2010

Cody's News 7/5/2010

Hey Mom things have been good here in Bulnes. I really like Bulnes we even had 14 people in church yesterday so I guess that was alright. Well this week in Bulnes nothing really happened on friday we went to Conception and we listened to President Humphrey talk (our new mission president) and then we ate lunch it was nice our new mission president spends more money on lunch then President Chavez did. We had a lady that was getting really close to being able to get baptized but now she is retrogressing so that is kind of bad. but other than that we are trying to think of ways we can help Bulnes because it is a really small city and so we need to be creative. To find new investigators because just about evey one has talked with missionaries before. Oh ya the father of a member died so we went to his funeral Elder Denis and I refused to go inside the Catholic church but we went to the cemetery and listened to the service. The cemetary was alright there were like a million crosses everywhere my companion Elder Denis said it was pretty decent and not offensive like some of the other ones he has been to. So that was a experience. Down here we are in full blown winter but it does not snow it just rains and it can rain for up to 2 weeks at a time so that can be depressing. Winter down here will end around September 24 so I still have a nice little while of the cold and the rain. Today I bought a soccer jersey of the Chilean nublensey team guess what their mascot is? los diablos rojos. The red devils. So I bought a jersey. On Sunday Elder Denis and I celebrated American Independence and gave our pledge of allegiance after listening to the national anthem. ya I rember when that happend ( I told Cody that I shared in a primary class about trustunig in the Lord when the earth quake hit Chile.) I had to trust in the lord also. I woke up and my first thought was terremoto and then I said a quick little prayer that I would be alright and then I had to put everyting into the Lords hand and wait. So anyway things are good here I had a really long hotdog the other day. Here in Chillan there is a place called Fuente Aleman or german fount and it has some really good hotdogs but I think today I am going to splurge and buy some Mcdonalds. I was talking to Elder Denis and he said that in the summer here in Chile he can buy avocados for 50 cents a pound! We have been making our own completos complete with tomatoes, avocado, ketchup and mayo. It is interesting down here they sell all our condements in squeeze bags and you put a cap on top of the nozel. So I squeeze my mayo and ketchup from plastic bags. Be sure to tell me how Amber is doing.

Love your favorite missionary in la octava region

Elder Cody Moss

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