Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cody's News 5/31/2010

Hello All,
Did you know for some weird reason in the chilean culture they call their children goats. I don't know why but that is what they call the younger generation. Well we call children kids too and a kid is a young goat so I guess it is the same. More or less. Things down here have cooled down it has been like this for about 3 months or so. Look at that, Amber is in her second area and I am still in my first but we will see in 2 weeks if I am leaving or not. I don't want to leave but as the song goes "I will go where you want me to go" We will see also if I get another latin as a companion that would be nice. We had a baptism and I sent the photos to mom and so you can see those. We have another lady that we hope can get baptized on the 13th. We will see then how that goes. hmm Wow it will be crazy to see Aubrey driving when I get back. Well the weather up there seems a bit weird. The people down here have been talking about how 15 years ago in this time of year all it did was rain but now it only rains about once a week but we will see how things go the farther we move into winter. haha I have been teaching this guy that is evangelical and he is crazy! He is the dad of a lady that I baptized and he just loves it when we come by his house to talk with him about the word of God. Last week we invited him to church and he came and he was having some heated discussions in the gospel doctrine and priesthood classes. I did not think that he would come this week also but he came so we will have to see how things go when we visit him. I will have to write down a few of the disucssions that we have had with him so we can talk about Luis when I get home. Yesterday we had a baptism of a guy named Juan Carlos. Next Sunday he is going to receive the Holy Ghost and the Aronic priesthood! YES! hmm be sure to tell everyone hi for me at the reunion and that the saying actually comes from Dad he is the one that taught it to me. Oh and ¨Sometimes you have to do things whether you like it or not.¨ the other day I learned a new saying it is "chicotee los caracoles" (whip the snailes) It means that your trying to force something that goes really slow faster. Well now that it is cold we have been eating a lot more soups and things that are warm. We eat a lot of noodles and recently we have eaten a lot of completos (hotdogs with tomatoes and guacamole.) and yesterday we ate milanesa (it is a food from Argentina) it is like a meat like chicken not to thick not to thin that is battered and baked or something like that it is really good. The thing is for me is that Chile is normal for me I find it hard to find diffrences for me yes there are some obvious ones but other than that I don't have a huge culture clash I like it down here. (although people could use houses that are insulated but that is a different thing.) Elder Bordolli and I have been finding a few people and we think we have a few good prospects that we could start teaching so we will find out.
Elder Moss

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