Monday, June 28, 2010

Amber's News 6/ 28/2010

Well ok are you ready for this,
This week I was riding my bike and a Rotwiler started chasing me. It was a good thing there were not any cars in the road because I was all over it freaking out that this dog was chasing me oh geez I almost had a heart attack.

We baptized LUCUS! man his baptizm was super bueno. I felt bad though cuz the water heater wasn't working so the water was really cold. We asked him if he wanted to wait for next week to have hot water or to have cold water that day and he said he still wanted to be baptized that day. I was so happy that he really wanted to be baptized yesterday but then his dad who is in active never showed up for his baptism but his mom and sister were there. His mom was happy for him and she is also inactive.

This week I learned a lot of really great things about faith and following the spirit we were able to find 4 new investigadors! They are all really great and now we just have to work on helping them all progress. So we should be pretty busy this next week and then the next Monday we have transfers I will stay here in Lampa but I will have a new comp and I will be directing all of the work so that should be interesting (more like a opportunity to grow). I also learned that no matter who your comp is no matter how bad your spanish is if you follow the spirit and have faith you can have success.

Well it really is chilly here honstly I can't believe how cold it is and winter just started a couple days ago. Hna Papenfuss said that it was 25 the other day whoa. Needless to say I'm always bundled up with a bufanda y todo (scarf and all). I think this will suffice I'm going to buy gloves here too cuz I hmm kind of lost the right hand glove of every pair that you gave me. It's cuz I have to take my glove off to write down contacts and then I lose it but I'm going to buy a pair that has the finger tips cut off and the flap that you can pull back so then I can write. Well this week is Hna Papenfuss last week. Today we are visting all of her converts. And next Monday I will have a new comp.
A member does our wash but told us the other day that she wants us to dry it in our house becuase of something, I don't know cuz her husband told us and he talks amazingly fast. And the food hmm isn't as good here as Los Andes but that's ok I'm still living. We cook for ourselves two days of the week and we pay a member to cook for us.
Well next week I will be directing the sector and all with my new companion so pray for me..really hard ah I'm a little nervous to tell the truth but I will be fine. Ah the other day I had pink eye for like two days that was fun.
Love, Hna Moss

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