Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cody's News 6/21/2010

Hello Everyone!
Here in Bulnes it is a small branch so we are working on getting some more lessons and we have 3 people that we are teaching. So I ate something a little awesome horse. The meat was just really chewy but it didn't have a bad taste it is not super delicios like cow and that is why we don't usualy eat horse it is just a cheap meat. And I would eat it again. I will tell you what mom I am missing some of your cake especially your sour cream cake ahhhhhh delicious. On Thursday I am going to Concepcion for the conference so I will get your packages Elder Denis is pretty excited for those (the candy, and my ipod) but I am going to eat some hotdogs soon, here in Bulnes we can buy giant hotdogs. Bulnes is awesome yesterday we had 23 people in the branch so it was sweet I like small congregations but also it would be nice to help the branch grow. So things here in Bulnes are great, we have only three investigators and so Elder Denis and I have been working at getting some more. Elder Denis is from the land of Dads birth, Las Vegas. I would say that I have a decent grasp on the Chilean language but now that I have Elder Denis it is like a night and day difference between how much spanish I was talking to now. Ya we are going to have our last conference with President Chavez on Thursday, I am excited for a new President and we will get to see how he will lead the mission. In our mission we are asked that we do 140 contacts every week and I was excited because last week was my first week that I reached that we got 141 but I am working on improving the contacts so that we can get more people that give us time to visit their house so we can teach them and help them. In the chilean culture every one gives each other kisses when you meet them well not the men with men (that is Argentinean) but us missionaries give people handshakes and we teach the people so they know that but yesterday Elder Denis and I were talking with a girl and she asked us if we would walk with her through the park because she saw some guys in there that scared her. So we walked through with her and we got her address to pass sometime and talk with her and after when we were saying good bye she gave me a kiss on the cheek and that was pretty weird because she was just so fast at it that I could not tell her that that is not what we do.
Have a great week,
Remember who you are and what you stand for,
Love Elder Moss

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