Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cody's News 6/7/2010

Hello from Chile,
Things are good I ate blood sausage the other day all I could think about afterwards is that Jews don't eat blood and neither do the Jehovah Witnesses and that line in ground hogs day when Bill Murray says that weird people like blood sausage. It was ok but the people wouldn't tell me what it was until after I ate it. Well Elder Bordolli and I have been working and finding a few new people but the lady that we have that is closest to getting baptized does not have any support from her husband or her family so it is taking her a while to make the final decision. The father of Claudia is crazy it is hard to share with him but he is starting to come around little by little. We are going to have the transfers this next week so I think I will be leaving Talca after 6 months I really like it here but now I think I am heading out but we will see if the Lord gives me some more time here in Talca. Yesterday we confirmed Juan Carlos and he received the Aaronic priesthood but the only problem is, that he doesn't like to wear ties so we will see how that goes if he can bless the sacrament one day soon. It was interesting before the baptism of Juan Carlos we always had to teach him in a different house but now this last week we were able to enter into his house and talk with his wife.


Elder Cody Moss

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