Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cody's News 6/14/2010

Hey Mom how are you today? Things are peachy here in Talca tomorrow I go to a place called Bulness it is pretty small it has about 20 thousand habitants so it is like Springville. Wednesday I should get the packages. Do you want me to wait to open up the birthday package because I still have a month and a half until my birthday. You know what I have been dying to eat? Wheaties oh that would be soo good and also a good turkey sandwich. Martin went back to Sweden but I gave him my email adress so he might email you could look and see if he sends a email my way you could talk to him. He speaks really good English. ya I don't know what more to talk about maybe that now I am going to eat hotdogs with avocado and tomatoes and ketchup mmmm yummy!!! oh also I weighed myself the other day I have lost about 20 pounds while here in Chile from 207 in the MTC to 198 with all my clothes on so I think that I am about 192 or right about around there. Well love you mom and keep a smile on :)
Howdy Dad,
Seems like every one is doing fine. Tomorrow I am going to my second area it is called Bulnes it is a small hick town I believe the google map doesn't show any streets so I think it is pretty small. I will be changing from a ward to a branch (not like it will make a difference we have 70 people that come in our ward.) Mom said that you talked about your experiences with personal revelation I want to hear some of those. We will be getting a new President of our mission in a few weeks his name is President Humphreys he is from California. So Maritin after 6 months in Chile went back to Sweden to enjoy the summer up there. I hope that everything is going well up there and that it is starting to warm up. It has been raining the last few days down here and I am going farther down south where it rains even more.
Love, you Elder Moss

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