Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Amber's news 5\31\2010

HOla mommie, ¿como esta?
Well Lampa is a little bit different than Los Andes which I miss a lot. The food in Los Andes was way better that what we are eating here. We cook for ourselves 3 days of the week so I just eat a orange with some bread or something. Or I have oatmeal. The apt is really dirty it was sad to walk in because Hna Bair and I had spent a lot of time cleaning our house and it looked really good and now I have to start over again but it's ok I guess, I swept today and had a huge pile of dirt. So it's a little better but it will take a little bit of time to get everything in order. Any baptisms lined up? Hmm we have 4 people with dates for baptism but I haven't met two of them so I really don't think they will be baptized we found Lucus this past week and he has a date for baptism but I don't know if he really understood our Spanish or not. So we will keep working with him but it's going to take a lot. And Evalyn has a date but we can never find her so we will probably have to drop her. There is another guy named Damis that came to church but he's not married and is living with his kids and their mom. So they don't have a date to be baptized and I feel like we are wasting time with them because she doesn't want to be married but he does. I don't think he really wants to be baptized I don't know I just walked into this situation it's all weird. Their situation is sad too because he lost his job and now they have nothing not even for food and she wants to buy cigarettes but he wants to buy food so he and the kids can eat. He did find a job this last week but still dose not have much money. My new comp is from ahh Washington or Nevada somewhere I don't remember. This is her last transfer in the mission. Biking in a skirt is pretty different well my butt hurts and we have to bike a long ways. It is pretty boring. On the upside my contacts have improved a lot I'm able to get peoples directions. For the first 5 days everyone was saying no and wouldn't even talk to me but now I can get them to stop and talk and make an appointment. So that is good my social skills are improving too because I have to do a lot of the talking now with people. Also in lessons I need to improve on starting and explaining but I think with time I will get the hang of it probably in another couple weeks I will see a big difference. I was able to see a big difference with contacts because we do so many every day. And Hna Bair is really good at contacts and showed me how so now I'm trying to put into practice what she taught me. It will take more time with lessons and what not cuz they are a lot longer. I miss Hna Bair a looooot man alive. She was so funny it was good when we were together cuz even if we were having a hard time we could still laugh and work though it. So Hna Bair helped me a lot with my accent and when I left her it was a lot better then when I arrived but now I fear that I am going to lose it cuz I am with another ginga and my accent is better so people can understand me better but she can understand other people better than I can cuz she has more time here. But when you listen to other people all day your accent can change so I have to try really hard all day not to change.

Yesterday I presented myself in church and shared my testimony it was really good. I could really feel the spirit. In the night we were with a convert and his wife told me that he got really emotional during my testimony. It was a big thing for him becuae he doesn't cry very much. Well he received the holy ghost yesterday in sacrament. It was really good to hear that he felt the spirit when I bore my testimony. This family is super great though they have a daughter named Isidora (4 years) and she is so cute and funny when we are trying to teach she is always saying Hna Moss, Hna Moss look and then she has to show me something. And then they have this other daughter named Roisse 11 and she loves to pray and her prayers are so good so thoughtful and spiritual and she always offers to say the prayer. But man I want kids just like them they are awesome. Their Dad Juan that was baptized two weeks ago had been smoking for 25 years but had a week were he decided he really wanted to know if he should continue with the church or not so he prayed and was filled with the sprit and just started crying and couldn't stop. Thats their story I came in a little late for the baptisms and all but it is ok there isn't as much pressure teaching people that have already been baptized. Good luck with the reunion and all lol actually Lampa reminds me of Rockland except their are a lot of people it is weird how their are so many people but yet it is campo.( Campo means country)
Love, Hna Moss

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