Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amber's News 6/7/2010

Hello All,
Hey if your wondering the time goes by a lot faster in the mission then at home.
The bike was here with the apt but it's a piece. We ride pretty slow some times because it does not work very well. For example sometimes the brakes touch the tires when your moving and your not even touching the brakes so it is slowing you down. lol We have an investigator progresando his name is Lucus and he is 10 years old his family is inactive but his aunt gave us the reference for him and brought him to church this week. He is super bueno and excited for his baptism. Well the other lady we found last week we were not able to teach at all this week. And the other family is not progressing so we are going to drop them. So right now we are working on finding people. Man Lampa is way more campo than Los Andes in order to bike to Lucus it is 20 mins man I about die cada vez or every time. But my leg muscles are pretty sweet. lol It is a lot dirtier here and there are a lot more rude people but there are also a lot more people that are ready to hear the gospel. So I'm growing a lot but it is really hardddd. Gee whiz but I can see how much I have grown in the last 5 months and I'm really glad that I'm a better person but estoy en el fuego ahora. I"m in the fire now. It is a little hotter I guess that just means I will grow even more.
El fuego is what Hna Bair told me this last week cuz I got a letter from her which was really good to hear from her and I got one from Chandler so that helped me a lot this last week. Hna Papenfus and I are getting a long and all it is just different but she wants to work and do what we are supposed to so that is good. This friday we get to go to the temple! I think I'm more excited to see Hna Bair though she's like family to me lol oh wait she is family! I am glad that you are praying for me l need prayers I'm trying to learn how to take charge and speak my mind more it is hard to change but I know I can do it. I am going to focus more on that this week. There is always just so much to do and so many things to work on becoming a better person teaching better helping the people gain their testimonies and all. Then there is learning another language but with time I will get it.
Love, Hna Moss

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