Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amber's News 6/14/2010

HOLA mama yes I got the garments thank you so very much they are super toasty. Thank you.

Oh yeah the Temple.... it was so beautiful! And I got to see Hna Bair jajaja. OH yeah if you think it's hard in english trying doing it in spanish with only 6 months of spanish I know I had someone helping but their accent was not very good so it was hard to understand but hey I made it. But the coolest thing was the celestial room has a big window so when I walked in I was blinded I don't know why but I thought it was neat and the temple was so clean and quiet I think I really miss those two things because the city is neither.

This week was really good. We had a visit with Soledad to see how reading and praying had gone and she told us that she had prayed about Jose Smith and that she had really good strong feelings in her (pecho) chest. At the time I was a little...stunned lol I guess more in aw I didn't know what to say because I was so happy but after a minute I told her yeah I know exactly how you feel because I have felt that too not just one time but the spirit has confirmed it to me multiple times. Wow it was so wonderful to see someone receive and answer to a sincere prayer. A lot of times people will say that they prayed but nothing happened or they pray and forget to ask. But Soledad really wanted to know. It was awesome I was on a spiritual high dispues (after) even now thinking about it too wow. We don't have a date for her to be baptized yet because she is living with her boyfriend but she is going to pray about weather they should get married or separate. Tuesday we have an appointment with her again.

Yeah Lucus is 10 years old and really wants to be baptized I had to laugh the other day. I asked him what were some of the things we could do to be nearer to Christ and he said prayer then I said and read the scriptures and then he shouted out and baptism. He's a really good kid. Oh and in the sector I was in before with the Hna Bair they had a baptism yesterday for Jose and Jose is a 15 year old that Hna Bair and I found so I was pretty excited about that too.

Lol ok so Lampa is a special place their are a lot more drunk people here than Los Andes. My first drunk contact the other day asked me if my eyes were green or black lol ....we told him black. The second drunk guy was walking along and I pulled up on my bike and said hola ¿como esta? and he said I'm lost he then stumbled over and I realized he was drunk so I pulled out a pass along card and gave it to him and told him that there was a web site he could go to and see a mensaje (sorry I forgot the word in english I think it's message I don't know sounds weird) just for him. He got so excited and said a mensaje just for me. I replied yes a mensaje especial for you. lol

Oh wait I almost forgot my other funny contact lol this one was funny ok so again on my bike I pulled up to these two men and they were trying to read my name tag and so I helped them out and said mas and one of the guys said oh mas hemerosa (most beautiful or wonderful) after he said that I said chao. lol en verdad (really) when we pass corners their is always someone saying "I love you" in english. It's probably the only thing they know how to say. Its funny though because of their accents. I asked la Hna Papenfus and she agrees that this happens at least once everyday.

love, Hna Moss su hijita

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