Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cody's News 5/24/2010

Hola Mami,

So this week has been pretty good I don't have transfers for another 3 weeks so don't worry about that. I want to stay here in Talca I don't want to leave. Wow I remember when Brandon turned 12 and was able to come to priesthood with us and now he is 14! soon he will be heading out on his mission if we are not careful. The city of Talca is so big that it has 2 zones in it and I haven't moved areas yet. I am hoping that I can stay here for 8 months. Well for your YW lesson for writing to missionaries I don't know like writing about things that you have been learning from the scriptures, about missionary experiences that you have had recently, I think I even have a thing from president Frishkneck in my room that talks about writing letters to missionaries if you could find that I think it would help you. Well in 3 Nephi 19 Jesus commands us to pray for our families, also I think King Benjamin or Jesus teaches that we have to teach our children to love and serve one another. I don't remember where so that doesn't help much. well I think that if you pray for guidance and to receive revelation for your talk Heavenly Father would love you help you.
Ahh CHEESE I love it.
So yesterday the father of one of my converts came to church and he is very evangelical so he had a few things to say during the classes it made for a interesting Sunday, we also went to Constitution yesterday. On the 30th we are going to have some baptisms so that is going to be good :)
Love you
Elder Cody Moss

Hello Dad,
I actually have quite a bit to say about my experiences with the lines for gas and in the supermarkets. And why I said you would want a gun. So first after the earthquake the stores were closed for 2-3 days so no one could buy food and then when one opened and let people in when ever there was a tremor all the people ran out stealing the things they had with them, so the military had to come and only a certain amount of people could enter into the store and the military had to form every one into a line so when one person went out another could enter. So for a while it was difficult to get food for some people. Then when the banks opened you had people waiting for hours to get money, and even to day you still have people that form lines for the banks. Then you had lines to buy gas that lasted for hours and hours to even buy anything. Normal people were breaking into all kinds of stores for cell phones, pharmacies, everything. Prices for things soared for the first couple days after the earthquake. You had people that were robbing houses that would enter a house with out fear if there were people inside or
not. In every street you had the normal people keeping watches all through the night with watchfires but no one had a gun to protect themselves, there was no power for days and no water also (for some people they still don't have water or power) I remember when President Hinkley gave that talk and it was pretty powerful. Are you sure it was 12 years ago? Talking about helping people take and use the gospel in their lives there are tons of people here in Chile that have depression and emotional problems so I was reading the Liahona and it had a article about helping people with emotional problems the Lords way which was based on the same principles as when you help people with their own temporal welfare. It was a interesting talk and I am going to start using the principles I learned in it, it is called "Solving Emotional Problems the Lords Way. I am glad that I am here in Chile as a missionary when I go to church and see all the members and the people that I help you cannot help smiling. Thanks for your love and support,
Elder Cody Moss

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