Friday, June 3, 2011

Amber's News 5/29/2011

This week was really good we had a ton of things going. We found 7 new people. All together we taught 18 lessons. We had 3 people in church. Roxana is soo excited for her baptism this week. We are also so excited it will be Hna Hadlocks first baptism. Roxana wow she is just amazing. We love her so much and are so excited. She is a single mom and does so much. She lives with her friend and takes care of her friends daughter and she takes care of the friends dog then she has her own son that is 7 months. She is also working. So when we went to church her son Franco strarted to be fussy and our Lider Misional turned around and took Franco and him and his wife played with the baby. I was so happy that other people were helping her and that she could have a little break and listen and be at peace in church. Ahh I felt so happy that I almost started crying.

We also had Vitalia with us in church. Our little grandma oh she is amazing during the week she told us how she was going to make lunch Saturday so it would be all ready for Sunday and she wouldn't have to worry about it at church. Before we had gone to church I called Vitalia at to see how she was because she is so worried that she wont get up and will miss church. She answered the phone and told me that she was waiting for us to come by. She then asked me what time it was and I told that it was only 8:30 so she could take a nap for an hour. She said oh thats why I'm so tired she said she had got up at 7:00 and had been waiting for us. I told her I would call her at 9:30 to wake her up becuase she is kinda blind and can't see the time. So she got to church on time and loved it. We showed Roxana and Vitalia the font and they felt a little better. Vitalia later told me that she thought it was in a big pool with lots of water. She also worried that she would get phenomena and I told her the water would be warm so she didn't need to worry about it. Then she told us that after church she was talking to her son that is like 30 and she called him Brother Patricio and he was like why did u call me that and she said thats what they do at church. lol I had a good laugh when I heard that. They both said that they were excited for their baptisms so we are pretty happy!!

Well We had a great week it just flew by.

I love u tonz,
Hna Moss

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