Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cody's News 6/20/2011

Hey, well this week just happened to be super delicious, we had 5 investigators in church and 4 of those have a baptismal date set up, so we are getting close to the money!! The people that went to church are Oscar (he´s less-active) Patricia (his wife) and Oscar and Sofi their kids. They are super excited to be in church and learning. They said that everything that was taught seemed like it was just for them and exactly what they needed and that it was like everything that was said hit them (in a good way) so we are going to visit them today and also a lady named Natacha went to church it was awesome because we found her doing contacts Thursday morning and she accepted a baptisimal date in the first lesson we taught, then we visited her on Saturday and she read the pamphlet of the restoration and had lots of questions and then we gave her a Book of Mormon, she said that she was going to read all of the chapter headings and then read the book to be able to understand the story and everything. She came to church on Sunday and guess who she brought with her? Her father in law that traveled all the way up from the south of Chile. so she is super awesome! Things are on the up and up Elder Huerta and I are looking to having about 5 baptisms this next month. So things are looking scrumtrulecent!
Love You all,
Elder Moss

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