Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amber's News 6/13/2011

This week went really well. Roxana was confirmed. We finished teaching my little grandma Vitalia all of the lessons. She is so cute. She is excited for her baptism. One night when we finished teaching Hna Hadlock asked if she could go to the bathroom. Vitalia said no no no. I thought that is weird so I figured she just didn't understand Hna Hadlock. So I said can Hna Hadlock use your bathroom and she said oh yes I thought you had asked if I had a swimsuit for my baptism. (the words are close in Spanish, (baño and traje de baño) It was really funny I had a good laugh.

We started working with a mom and a son. They are named Sandra y Juan. They accepted a date to be baptized but didn't go to church :(
Same with Ivana ahh this woman is awesome but didn't go to church. We are working with them to go this next
week. This week we are focusing on finding people to teach.
Have a great week!
Hna Moss

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