Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amber's News 6/6/2011

I am doing really good. I am with the Hermana Hadlock. Yesterday we had a baptism for Roxana it was really special. Roxana was so happy after she came out of the water that she gave me and Hna Hadlock a big hug while she was all wet!!! We talked to her after and she said that she felt so much joy being baptized. She told us she had thought a lot about how it was going to be and when it happened it was more than she thought. She said she was so happy and glad that she did it. We were of course really happy for her and we are so happy that she is already so strong and understands everything so well. She said that she loved getting up early Sundays to go to church. Her friend said why are u getting up? Go back to bed and Roxana was thinking why are you not getting up and getting ready. Her friend is from another church. Roxana said that before she would go to other churches later in the day but she never went and didn't really want to. But with our church in the morning she wakes up and is excited to go. She said for her baptism that she felt the need to be baptized. That she just felt that it was a necessary. And when she did it she felt relief and felt so happy.

Vitalia didn't go to church. She got sick last Tuesday and felt terrible. Finally Thursday she said that we could come by with the Elders to give her a blessing. We went and gave it lol she didn't want to pick who did the first part and who did the second so she asked me to pick for her. I think she was kinda scared of the Elders but she has a lot of confidence in me. The next day I called her and she said she felt great. She still had a cough but felt a lot better. She asked what it was called and I was like oh they are called Elders and she no and I said oh the are called Elder Forbush and Elder Vega and then she was like no what was it called the thing they did and I said oh a blessing of health. She said oh yeah that did me so good. So now she has a testimony of the priesthood.

We found another woman named Ivana she is really great she has a lot of questions but really wants a change in her life. We found her and started talking in the park and she started crying and so we set up another appointment to visit her in her house. She said she was going to go to church with us but she wasn't there when we went by. So we are going to keep working with her.
That was basically what happened this week.

Love u tonz
Hna Moss

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