Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cody's News 6/6/2011

Hey there !!!!!

Well hope everything is going good up there. Not this last Sunday but the Sunday before last, this guy named Jose he got baptized and then he showed up to church late so he hasn't gotten confirmed yet and next week is stake conference so that is going to make it even harder to get him confirmed but that is what we have to do wait 2 more weeks he is really great we did like a co-op thing with my district because his fiancee is a new convert in La Florida and he lives in my sector Jardin Del Valle, so they taught him some and we taught him some and he assists church with his fiancee and so he is really awesome. wow can you believe that it has been a month since Mothers day? Time is flying like Amber's jet home. But hey don't worry about a thing we are working hard and enjoying life here. Last night Elder Huerta and I burned some pictures of his ex girlfriend so we can get past her and that was entertaining we made hot dogs over the fire and put mayo and jalapeƱo peppers on the dogs. They were tasty and I enjoyed them, Ya Jardin Del Valle is right next door to La Florida and so I have seen a bunch of the members from that ward its been great to seem them again. And every one says that I talk a lot better now so that is great! love you,

Elder Cody Moss

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