Monday, June 27, 2011

Cody's News 6/27/2011

¿ como estas?
Well things went really well this week we are going to have 3 baptisms on Sunday and also transfers came in Elder Huerta is leaving and I'm going to train so the first thing I want my new comp to do is dress up in white and baptize his first Sunday. That would be awesome wouldn't it? I don't know where my new companion is and they also told me that he might be coming down in bus from Santiago because of a volcano eruption so that is kind lame for him. ya so Patricia and kids are awesome the other day they made us pizza and this Sunday after their baptisms we are going to eat lunch at their house. Natacha is great we met her family and we hope to be abel to start teaching her sister and brother in law and also her mom. they all came to church and liked it again. So things are progressing a lot. My district is good they have changed it again now I'm district leader over a different sector and I'm now district leader over the sisters. My responsibilities as district leader are to take care physically of the missionaries and also to do baptismal interviews also I teach them skills for proselyting and teaching and all that fun stuff. So I do that and I also make sure that they are working effectively as missionaries. Wow that is insane that Amber is so close to being home she has to be trunky!
Elder Moss

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