Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cody's News 6/13/2011

Things went well this week and we are working hard, Elder Huerta and I are are getting along just swell. It's kinda cold to tell the truth. We made another fire pit last night but we didn't cook or burn anything this time... last week was just bad memories for Elder Huerta but this week nothing, hey so things are good, I'm working away at being district leader, we are doing good we have a family that we are teaching, a less active brother, his wife and 3 kids. We are hopeing to be albe to get 4 baptisms from that house next month. Also we have a few other people around there. But Oscar and his family are our priority to get going to church and baptized. We are hopeing for a miracle! It is super crazy that Amber has only 6 weeks left!!! and when she goes home I have a little under 4 months left. Wow time passes really fast! So being district leader is ok I have done some interviews recently and they are interesting experiences, I always remember my interview with Bishop Stonehawker when I was 8, while I am doing the interviews.
love, hugs, and kisses,
Elder Moss

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