Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amber's News 5/23/2011

Hello, This week we have been looking for more people and helping Vitalia and Roxana to progress.
We taught Vitalia she is a little grandma and is 79. She can't really see and it really frustrates her that she can't read in the Book of Mormon. But we read to her from it. She has a cat that always bothers us when we are teaching her. His name is Pepe but she changed it last night to Barnabas. She did that because she was really mad at him but she is always yelling at this cat. Vitatlia went to church with us yesterday and she loved it. She said that she was excited to go back to church next week. We were talking to her earlier in the week and she said she had to go to the doctors and that she had to wait all day there so she was going to take the Book of Mormon even though she couldn't read it and she was going to open it up so everyone could see that it said Mormon. Because everyone else there reads dirty magazines she told us lol oh man it was funny.

So our experience yesterday was pretty funny. We were with our investigators Lady and Cristai. They are from Columbia they are black and gangster lol they talk like the gangsters in english but it is Spanish. We sang and then I'm praying and in the middle of the prayer Cristai's phone goes off and she answers is and is like hey pretty, my queen whats going on? Hey I gotta go cuz their preach en the word. Bye pretty. It was so hard to keep praying while all that was going on but then we taught them and invited them to read and pray when we gave Lady her Book of Mormon she kissed it. When we had gotten to their house we were waiting and two other people came up and were also waiting to go in and so they finally opened the door and let them in and the guy recognized us from our first visit and he was like oh sisters come in. And the girls that had been waiting in front of us looked at us and then back at him and said they arn't our sisters. lol it was so funny.

Roxana is doing good she didn't go to church with us :( she was in the south still she is back now. We missed here a lot this week. We taught the plan of salvation yesterday and she loved it. We are excited for her and are glad she is back. She loves everything that we are teaching. She is a really great woman. We are going to work this week on getting her to church.

Until next week
Love Amber

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