Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cody's News 3/28/2011

Hey there everyone!
So this week went pretty good!! We finally have a ward mission leader and he is really excited to get to work. We received a reference from the sisters here in Curico and when we contacted it we found Malva, she is really awesome and loves The Book of Mormon already because we gave one to her on our first visit. She is a widow and since she felt lonely she smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day. And by Saturday night she was down to 4 a day so she has made a really big improvement, she didn't come to church this week because some friends invited her out to some place that is pretty cool to visit. She is coming back Sunday morning so we are going to try and wrap her into the last session of General Conference. We still don't have anyone to teach from the members, but the zone of missionaries came on Saturday and did a bunch of contacts with us. So hopefully we have some good results from that. Oh and so Malva we gave her a Book of Mormon the first night and since she is old and blind in one eye I asked her if she could read it, and she lied and told me that she could read small print, well when we went back the next day she told us that she had lied but the fact was she was able to read the size of the print in the book of mormon for some reason. And what she had read she absolutely loved so she is pretty excited to get baptized now. So that is fantastic!! yay!!
Elder Cody Moss

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