Monday, March 14, 2011

Amber's News 3/14/2011

Hey hows it going everyone? I'm doing great. We had changes last night and I'm with Hna Dinsdale again. This is Hna Dins last change she will be going home in the end of april. Im still in Quilicura. So that means that I will probably go to my last sector my next change and I will have 3 months there and then come home. It is so crazy how fast time has been flying. Awwww man church is at 9:00.:( I think I have been spoiled here with 10:30 church. But it's not like we can sleep in or anything. But it is kind of nice to have the morning and that we have time to go get investigators and bring them to church. Well this week Brain had problem so he didn't make it to church to get the Holy Ghost but we talked to him last night and he is good to go for this next Sunday. We heard about the thing in Japan that's pretty crazy. I heard that they all handled it differently though. That they were not all fighting or stealing. Here in chile they all fought and robbed. We heard in Japan that they all waited patiently in line for food and everything.
I told Amber about some sanitation items I was gathering.
Thats great now every time I got to the bathroom I'm going to be worryed about the snakes and rats cummin up. When I was in Lampa we had slugs come out of the drain in the tub. It was really funny cuz Hna Papenfus would always freak out and then kill them with salt. One time there was one in there and I showered and Hna Papenfus got mad cuz I didn't kill it but I told her I didn't mind them.
My hair is doing good. I think I will just trim the ends that are burnt and then when I get home I can have someone real, someone that has studied hair cut it. People here will say that they know how to cut hair even if they have never studied how in their life.
Ricardo didn't come to church this week I was pretty sad cuz he's the one that gave me his word that he would be there.
A few weeks ago we sat in on the Young Womens lesson and they were getting ready for girls camp. The leaders where all telling them not to bring their phones and other electronics and all that crap. But the leaders weren't doing it very nicely they were just saying don't do this and that.
So i raised my hand and told them that when I went to camp and we didn't bring those things our camp was so spiritual and we didn't have the worldly distractions and we could be so much closer to God. The spirit was really strong when I said it. Yesterday I had one of the young women tell me that when she heard that she wanted that in her girls camp and wondered if she could really have it with out all those things. They went to girls camp and I heard it was awesome. But this girl Fernanda told me that she remembered me telling them that and how it was all loving and nice. And she told me that she wants to be a leader like that when she is one. That was a pretty neat experience that I had.
We are looking again for people to teach. Recently we had a few but they dropped us. One was kind of athiest he kinda believed in God but and the same time didn't. So I'm glad I gave him the story of Korihor to read. When we asking him about it he told me he was going to be mute and people were going to trample over him I was like ok. I gave it to him for the part to read that we have everything in this world that testifies of God and Jesus Christ. The world and it's motion the planets and their motion. Even our lives the plants the trees the fishes. Everything. So we talked about that but when the Elders when by he said he didn't want to hear anything. We are not exactly sure if he just didn't want to talk to the elders or if he doesn't want to talk to us. We will see.
This week we found a woman named Paola she is really great. She told us that she didn't believe that their was only one way that we could be saved. That everyone is the same. It is just important that you believe in something. Actually this is something that a lot of people here believe. So we talked about Christ and how he was baptized and so he showed us that their is one way and that we all need to be baptized and we need to find which church is true. In the end she said that now she did believe that there was only one way. So now we are working with her to help her know that this is the truth and that the gospel of Jesu Cristo is the only way. We have another lesson with her today so we are pretty excited.
Love, Sister Moss

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