Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amber's News 2/28/2011

So this week Brian wasn't home but he came to church yesterday and loved it. He now has 3 times of going to church so he can be baptized but there are still a few things we have to teach him so we have to see him everyday to teach him what he needs to know. But he is so excited to be baptized. Oh also we have to help him pick someone to baptize him. When we asked him to be baptized that was the only thing that he was worried about. Who was going to baptize him. His brother is inactive and can't baptize him so he was really worried about that. But we told him that in church there where a lot of people that could do it. So then he was really excited.

We found two other people and are working with them but both left for the weekend so they did not come to church. Hna Dinsdale and I doing good. We are really trying to focus on Brian and making sure that every thing goes well for his baptism.

I think I have not said much about our last change cuz I am still in the same sector I just have a different comp. Hna Disndale. She is from Ogden and she is really funny. She loves the people and has a great testimony. She loves Disney World. She loves everything to do with it. When she goes home she wants to work for them again.

Well I'm doing really good. Elder Elder and Elder Mudgett are doing well too. They are our good friends we are all in the same district and it is really fun. The other week we climbed another smaller hill with them it was so much fun. Elder Mugett had to carry up another elder that is really little - like a midget. It was really funny to see cuz Elder Mudgett is a little bigger but really tall and Elder Elder is skinny and really tall. But I was thinking that maybe they are normal sized in the Untied States cuz here everyone is so short. So right now they seem like giants to me. It is probably cuz a lot of the Chileans are my height including the men.
Lots of Love,
Sister Moss

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