Monday, March 21, 2011

Cody's News 3/21/2011

Well nothing much happened this week, we talked with a lot of people and then ...... in the end we found no one. The mission has a goal of 140 contacts for every companionship but Elder Thomas and I have made that for the past 2 weeks and we pretty much have nothing to show for it but a bunch of people that told us to go to their house. When we go they don't want to hear anything. We are probably going to have to go up and beyond that.
We are just going to have to put our "shoulders to the wheel and push along" so things get moving. We have the ward behind us which was something that we didn't have before. Now we just need people to teach.
Pray for us. So we can find people who are ready for the gospel.
Oh hey a sister in our ward is a baker so I gave her the brownie recipe, (A while ago I had sent Cody our families favorite brownie recipe.) because I told her that I had a really good one, and then I told her that I will be expecting brownies every time I eat lunch at her house. (The ingredients are expensive in Chile but Cody said that she was going to make and sale them. We will see how brownies turn out in Chile=)

Elder Moss

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