Monday, March 21, 2011

Amber's News 3/21/2011


Brian received the Holy Ghost this week!!!! We were pretty excited for him. He said that he felt really good to recieve it.
This week we have a lot of great plans to find people to teach. We have one lady that we are teaching named Paola.
It has been kind of hard with her. I'm not exactly sure what she is looking for or wants. She says she is looking.
But she doesn't really act like it. She is kinda of cold to us but will sit and listen to everything and when we ask her
questions she answers. So we are working on finding out what her doubts are.

Wow that tremor was pretty strong this last week. It was so weird cuz the house that we were in started moving. It is a really crazy feeling. So everything started moving back and forth in a circle it lasted almost a minute. But after I felt sick. It made me all dizzy and my head hurt. After a few minutes I felt ok again. We had talked with a few people about the other earthquake and they talked about how it just throws you around and you can't even walk around. A lot of them said the best thing to do was to sit on the ground. We are doing good now there was one other tremor the next morning it wasn't as strong actually I didn't feel it cuz I was getting dress. I only knew that it was happening cuz Hna Dinsdale started yelling at me.

We had an awesome contact this week. We were walking along and I felt like I should talk to this girl. So I started talking to her and she said oh I'm busy and was going to keep on walking but I gave her one of our church cards that has a picture of Christ coming down from Heaven with all of the angels on the front. She looked at it and said can I ask U a question I said yes. She said what does this picture mean for you. So I explained that it was Christ's second coming. She asked us when it would be and we said that we didn't know but we just have to prepare ourselves for when he comes. She told us that she wanted to prepare for it and the Jehovah Witnesses were teaching her but she wanted to learn more about our church too. She said that she went to visit a friend but she wasn't there so she was walking back to her house and had the thought that God wasn't very happy with her. Then we started talking to her. She expressed that she was looking for the truth and that she had already changed a lot. We talked about how she could know what the truth was and that was through prayer. I gave her a pamphlet of the restoration and talked about the importance of having a prophet today. How important it is to get guidance from God today. How much this could bless her life. Then Hna Dinsdale pulled out a Book of Mormon and wrote her testimony in it and gave it to
her and told her that she could read this book, pray and ask God if it was true and that she would know that what we were saying was true. The spirit was really strong in this contact and she said that talking about this gave her goosebumps and that it made her really excited. So we testified of the Holy Ghost and how it was telling her that what we said was true. That was one of the best contacts. She lives in another sector and didn't want to give us her address. But I know that she will read and that one day she will be baptized!
So today I was studying about prayer. I learned that we are commanded to ask for the things that we need.
3 Ne 18:19-20, Matthew 7:7-11. When Elder Corbrige came here and taught us he talked about how a lot of people
don't know that we can ask questions in our prayers. Ever since then I have thought a lot about asking and asking questions. That is exactly what Joseph Smith did he asked questions. He asked a very specific question. Which
church is true. So on the mission we watch the restoration many times. The last few times that I was watching it I noticed that Joseph asked both of his parents how we can know what is true. They both talk about Revelation. How we can confide in God and ask him and he will give us what we need to know. I thought it was really interesting that they were teaching him about revelation and that it needs to come from God. In another part of the movie their is a preacher that says that God has given us the ability to think so we need to think for ourselves and decide what is true. Joseph finds out that you have to put forth the effort to learn you need to meditate but you have to ask God what is true. He knows what is true or not and he will guide us. Just with our own thinking we can be deceived but God will never tell us wrong. We all need revelation in our lives. We can receive this guidance daily as we pray sincerely and with real intent (meaning that we will really follow the answer) God will answer and guide us. We will be able to see his influence in our daily life. I know that we can receive this guidance through the Holy Ghost and that he is always willing to help us. It depends on us if we have his help or not. If we are praying, reading and going to church.
God does love and guide us. This last week I received an answer to my prayers through asking a question,
praying and reading in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon can answer any question, doubt or problem that
we have. There is power in the Book of Mormon and just like it says on the title page it is a history of the communications of God with his children. I know that he is has communication with his children today.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! Love Hna Moss


Hermana Moss

Chile Santiago North Mission
Forestal 2680
Pisc 3, Oficina 32, Casilla #18
Conchali, Region Metropolitana

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