Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amber's News 3/28/2011

My hair is doing well. You can't even tell that anything happened. It's growing. Actually it is getting pretty long! Yesterday we had Manuel and Faviola in church. We started teaching Manuel english like two months ago. Then they started asking us questions about the church and now we are teaching them. This last week they surprised us because I asked Manuel in english what he was going to do Saturday and he told me and then I asked him what he was going to do Sunday and he said go to church and I said where are u going to go to church and he said in lo ovalle (that is where our church is) I said in our church and he said yes!!! It was awesome. So we haven't taught them very much yet but they came to church. So we haven't taught them the word of wisdom and they are chimneys. They are always smoking. After sacrament they had to smoke so they went out to smoke but I didn't want them to be away from us because sometimes the members say offensive things to people. So I talked with them about sacrament meeting while they smoked they liked it a lot. Then we went back in and we had our other class. But then I smelled like smoke it probably wasn't a good idea to talk with them when they were doing that. But then they didn't notice all of the people looking at them weirdly cuz I was talking to them. But 1st we hadn't taught the word of wisdom yet and it was their first time going to church. So the next time they come to church they will know and they will have been once so we can wait inside. But they loved church they thought it was really great. We have a lesson with them today. We are going to finish teaching the plan of salvation. They have a ton of good question it is awesome. We are also going to invite them to be baptized on the 24 of April. I'm really, really excited for them. Then we found another couple that are named Juan and Jazmin. They are awesome we have only taught them once but it was a really great lesson. We also have a appointment with them tonight. I'm pretty excited.

We found an old folks home in our sector there are like a million old ladies and 3 people that help them. It is really sad. So we visited them and sang a few songs. We have four little grandma friends there. I feel so bad for them because they live in horrible conditions.

This morning I was studying about how to teach people and not lessons. So we are trying to focus on the needs of our investigators and not just what we want to teach them. It was really interesting. It talked about following the spirit it talked about asking questions listening, discerning their needs and then teaching them according to that. Lately I have been learning how to do that correctly. It is really interesting. Lately by asking these
questions I can see their doubts and what they don't believe then I can focus on that and help them understand it.

A mission sure isn't easy but I'm working to help these people choose to follow Christ.
One thing I have learned lately is how important when u are married it is to have someone that also believes
the same things as you that also has the same desires that you have and that loves the church just as much
as you do. If your not married to someone that has the same desires as you it makes it pretty hard. You have to do
everything alone. I have been grateful for all of the experiences I have been having and all of the things that
I have been able to learn.
Have a great week. Love,
Hrnm Moss

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