Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cody's News 7/19/2010

Greatings from Chile
Things went good this week. I hope that you sent me some new shoe laces because I really need some they keep breaking on me. We have been working on finding some more people and we have a few good prospects but sometimes it is just hard to find them in their houses so we are going to keep working on that. Elder Denis and I are going to make some tacos with avacado and tomato. The other day I ate a hotdog with a stick of cheese in it and I found it to be of the utmost quality and flavor. Elder Denis and I made some Zubs pizza for the branch on Thrusday it was good. Well the chese is expensive but is was good. We came across a good chunk of it for the pizza. We had to do a little investigation work to find out what all of the ingredients names are in Spanish but it worked out so that was great. It's not like I have the recipe memorized or anything ;). So things are really cold down here and sometimes I freeze in the night. But it is alright because in the morning I make myself a coffee and heat myself up (don't worry it is a coffee made of wheat so it is a wheat drink) and it warms me up. Man I am just like a Chilean.
Love, Elder Moss

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