Monday, July 12, 2010

Amber's News 7/12/2010

Hola All,
The week went really well. It is really fun to work with Hna Buckner she is super chill and happy. She also knows her stuff really well so that is great. We found three new people this week they are really great. One is a mom named Judith and her daughter. Judith thinks that she is not going to be able to quit smoking but I know she can and we going to help her do it.

On Tuesday we had a bike ride of about a half an hour and it was pouring rain but it was really fun. Cuz it was the first real day that Hna Buckner was on the bike and she was laughing her head off in the begining becuase we had a lot of wind before it started raining and on the bike her dress was going in which ever direction it was really funny. But then it started pouring rain and it was really cold but it was still really fun and we laughed. We tryed using our umbrellas on our bikes. I could hold it pretty well for a while but we were already soaked so we gave up on the umbrellas. After our appointment for our super far away trip we went back home to change so we didn't get sick.

I'm doing good, learning lots from Hna Buckner and we are working hard. Hna Buckner is helping me with spanish cuz she was with three latinas before. I can say what I want to say now but to understand it is a little harder. I think becuase of their accent but it's getting better and better. We work on learing words everyday and we are only talking in spanish so it is good.

Directing the sector is going well I have gotten us to all of the places that we needed so I'm pretty happy about that. But once I didn't realize that we were not on the right street until we got to the end of it and Hna Buckner started to turn around but I felt that no we still needed to knock this house so we did and a women came out and right away said to come in and she and her marido had been sharing with the missionarys for a while about a year ago but they arn't married so the missionarys droped them. But Hna buckner and I are going to get them married and then baptize them because they are super buenos. When we walked in I thought they were members but inactive cuz they have fotos of the temple hanging up and pictures of Jesus and a hymno.
Until next week,

Love Hna Moss

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