Monday, July 26, 2010

Amber's News 7/26/2010

Hola greetings from Chile,

Well this week was awesome, we had a lot happen. We found 6 new investigators, it was really cool every day we found a new person and friday we found two. Yesterday we almost had new person Orlando but he said he wants to investigate more. We told him to pray... and we are going to return in a few days. If he prays he will receive an answer and then will be a new person but he has already been to church 2 times with his friend. We had 6 people the church 3 of which were our investigators. We had a lot of lessons with members and other lessons. This week really just flew by I really can't believe that Hna Buckner and I are starting our fourth week together.
We are going to have a baptism this week! Cata is going to be baptized. She is ten years old and her mom was going to be baptized but wasn't progressing so we are going to baptize Cata first and hopefully with a little bit of time her mom will change. Cata is really excited for her baptism this Sunday. She loves to read the scriptures and listen to our lessons. Her little brother Benjamin is so funny he is 4 or so and the other day he lifted up is hair above his forehead and said mis cheskias son fightes po (my bangs are gangster po.) So he got a hair cut the next day.
We are also teaching Daniel and I don't know if you all remember but his parents are the ones that need to be married first but we found them when we missed the street that we were on. But this week Daniel was in the park and we said hi to him and his friend and we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. So now we are teaching him and he is really excited we had a member come with us to teach. His name is Diego and he told Daniel that he could have the priesthood and Daniel got so excited and his mom too you should have seen their faces lol.
Maureen prayed and said that she felt a grand peace after. Friday we found a boy named Dalion. He came to church with his parents one is inactive and the other is a non member but they are waiting for a divorce so they can get married. And after they are married we can baptize Anjel. We also found Manuel and Pedro they live in a super gangster part of town and we can't go there at night and they are going to start school up again this week so I dont really know how that is going to work out with them. We also are working with a girl named Ximena she is great she shared for a little bit with the missionaries before but stopped for awhile.
Oh yeah I almost for got about Favion and his brother Isaac lol I should tell you their story it is pretty funny. So we were walking past their house and Favion was out side (he is ten) we asked him if we could come by another day to share with him and his family and he said yes. Then a few days later we passed by but he wasn't their we talked with his mom and she said you want to talk with Favion my small boy and we said yeah and she said are you sure Favion and we said yes. She said that she had no problem with us talking to him but she wasn't interested cuz her dad is a pastor to some other church (I don't remember which) So I think it was the next day we went to teach Judith and Cata and this woman was in their house and asked us if we could go to her house and talk with her kids cuz they were having problems so we when and talked with them oh man. We helped them feel better and Favion said that if he felt the gospel was right that he would be baptized and Isaac his brother said he didn't know if he would follow his answer if he prayed. So we set up an appointment to come back the next day to teach Favion. And we were pretty smart and brought Dominique with us. She is a member in the ward and is "Tan Linda" (so pretty) lol so she came with us and when we showed up Isaac was outside with his friends and we went in to teach Favion and his mom and after awhile Isaac came in to the house to listen (thanks to Dominique lol) it was really funny cus their mom said she couldn't believe that we were in their house teaching them because after we left the other day when we asked if Favion was their and we didn't know them she said that she went in the house and told all of her family that the missionaries passed by to see Favion. She told us that they all laughed when they heard this. So yesterday for church Hna Buckerner and I did not think that they would got to church but we knocked and they both Favion and Isaac were ready to go to church and they came with us and stayed for the whole thing and they even stayed to see a baptism after. Isaac is a punk with an earring so its really cool to see him listening and attending church. Well we will see what happens with them this week.
Love, Hermona Moss

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