Saturday, July 24, 2010

Amber's News 7/19/2010

Hello everyone,
Well Chile is pretty much chill-ly right now I think Cody is colder but who knows. lol When I got my laundry back this week one of my bottoms of my garments was... well shredded literally so Hna Buckner laughed her head off. And we are looking for someone new to wash our clothes because also my sweats had holes in them that weren't there before.

And my new comp is super bueno I'm learning loads from her and we are teaching a lot more yeah! I'm excited for my packages and Hna Buckner has a casset player thinger but I'm a little worried that the tape will be crushed cuz my other packages were but we will see. Oh and when you send packages put stickers of Jesus on them ok.

This week was good we continued to teach Judith and Katalina. She is progressing but not her mom so it is a little sad but we will have a lesson with her mom to help her progress. They are really great people.

Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures.
Love hna moss

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