Monday, July 12, 2010

Cody's News 7/12/2010

Hi All,
So things this week are good. Things are starting to pick up here in Bulnes. We had interviews with our new President, and with the assistants. While the one of the assistants was talking with us (he has been a very successful missionary.) He reminded me a lot of what Dad had told me before I came on the mission about how you need to love the people. Because he said that after some one comes to church that you begin to pass by their house every day even if it is only for 15 minutes just to share a scripture and tell them how much you love them. Because I had been thinking about how I could show and tell the people that we love them. So he gave us a model of how he does his work and I found it to be very good and now I can use that to help allot of people. I have been pretty excited this week because we have a lady that is extremely close to getting baptized and she will be the first baptism here in Bulnes for more than 7 months. We have also increased our work and the quality of it, so we are getting better contacts and better lessons. It has just been an up week. When speaking I am pretty comfortable and with listening I usually don't understand when people are swearing or using a ton of slang but other than that I am comfortable with that also. We had a zone activity today and we didn't get back to Bulnes until after 6 o'clock and so I am not super happy right now. We lost a opportunity for a lesson with a member. You know that we are supposed to get to work at 6 and it is 7 and I am doing Internet so I am not the happiest of clams right now. We went to the mountains they had allot of snow. The rain has stopped but it has started to get a little colder. Well not much happened here in Bulnes so we are just working on making it better. We did have an assistance of 30 people on Sunday so that was really good. I hope that things keep being on the up side and that we can make a difference here.

Elder Cody Moss

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