Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vickie's Comments

Hello All,
It was soooo good to talk to my children and hear there voices. They both sounded happy and like they were doing well. Since we had talked the day before we had short e-mails. Cody said that they have a shortage of priesthood in there ward and was not sure what the bishop was going to do for another councilor. He also said that people ask all the time what he ate back home and he has a hard time remembering all he could remember was that we eat allot of mexican food, so I helped him out with a few thing like potatoes and gravy, potato bar, clam chowder, waffles.
Amber was giggling the whole time so needless to say, she is enjoying herself. She really gets along with this companion. She said that they have some great things coming along and that they had a Baptism last Sunday.

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