Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cody's News 5/17/2010

Hey Dad,
Things are good, we have a baptism that is lined up for the 30th his name is Juan Carlos. He has been investigating since September of last year, so we are hoping that all goes well, the guy has had 2 other interviews with other misionarys and falied miserably in both but now he should pass with flying colors. We are going to get him baptized. We have another lady named Susana and she is going to have a interview sometime this week. We are hoping that she will get baptized on the 30th also.
We are working on finding some people. We started teaching the wife of a less active member so maybe in the next week or so we can get them going to church and then we can get her baptized. Martin has been in Santiago this last week but he should get back around Wednesday and I am hoping that he did some reading and praying while he was in Santiago. Well for vacation you could always come to Chile (but farther down south than I am I hear it is super beautiful and has penguins.) Well yesterday the bishop asked us if we would like to help him count the tithing but the only problem was that we have our lunch at 1:30 and church gets out at 1 so I wanted to help but we had to go eat fish (yum!) Well things are good here and we are hoping we can have about 3 baptisms by the end of this month, and about 3 more by the second Sunday of June so we will see how things go. It is just that the people won't keep commitments to find out if José Smith was a prophet and the other commitments to repent so that is what we are working on right now.
love you,

Elder Cody Moss

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