Monday, May 3, 2010

Ambers News 5\3\2010

Hello All,
Hey, We had a baptism this last week well yesterday. It was really good. Her name is Carola. She had been investigating the church for 4 years. And finally decided to be baptized It was really really good. Yeah Carola is great and her two kids are awesome. My español is better and better every week. There are a lot of things in español that explain things differently that I like. Right now I'm reading the Libro de Mormon en español. I didn't understand the Isaiah chapters in 2ne but I'm in 2ne 26 right now and I understand most of what's going on.

The cold weather in chile hmmm, it's super cold this last week warmed up a little but seriously winter is going to be really cold. But it's ok because I did buy a fleece blanket and that helped a lot and we have hot coco. At places people give us herbal teas yuck! actually I'm getting used to them and ecco. Which is like coffee but apparently we are allowed to drink it. The first time someone was giving it too us I was really nervous cuz they call it cafecita and so I thought it was coffee so I gave Hna Bair the weirdest look but she shook her head yes to drink it so I did (I trust Hna Bair) and after in the street I was like what where we drinking and she's like oh it's just a mild coffee. And I was like WHAT? Coffee is Coffee but I guess it's not the same thing I don't really know. But Cody said he likes it LoL

Na I'm not craving the brownies right now ask Hna Bair she will tell you Cafe Rio. LOL. Ok so we live close to the Jehovah witness church and at nights they always have a ton of people in their church and we have only had one person come to church with us as of yesterday and not all the members come so Hermana Bair said "what do they have that we don't I mean we have the spirit and the truth." And I said "they have to to be serving Cafe Rio or something heck I would go if they were." Seriously Cafe Rio has to have drugs in it because for the last 4 months that is something I have been craving.

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