Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Amber's News 4/26/2010

Daddy, Gracious for your letter. Right now I think I'm going through a growing faze. Thank you for reminding me. Sometimes I feel bad that we don't have many people that we are teaching. But we are working hard to find people. We have achieved our 10 y 10 contactos everyday for three weeks now and an apostle promised that your baptisms would double if you did this. I'm working hard but the language is kicking my butt seriously I can never remember the words and people have a hard time understanding my accent and I have a really hard time understanding the Chilean accent. I can understand my comp and other north americans. Hna Bair said with time it will come but it's difficult. I know I have improved a lot with spanish and other people have commented that it is better so at least I know I'm improving. Thanks for all your advise and everything Dad. I love you so much and am excited to talk to you in a few weeks. Stay good k. Oh the other day I thought that I should challenge you to do a act of service for Mom today. As companions thats one thing we do to try and strengthen our relationship. bye Daddy I love you! Thank you for everything.

Mommy! I love you! Things are going well...we have a baptism this next domingo oh sorry Sunday yeah! Se llama carola her name is Carola she is super bueno. We are in the searching mode right now for people but we do have a new investigator se llama manuel. Hermana Bair and I are working hard. But today I still don't understand much of the chileans. Hna Bair says with time I will be able to understand.

Hey Aubrey's track meet sounded good and cold. lol Mommy its freezing here seriously I'm freezing to death. I mean I put those wool tights on the other day without hesitation and voy a comprar mas hoy.( I'm going to buy more today) Hna Bair told me that they only cost 6 dollars here remember in the states they were 40 bucks man and I check out Hna Bairs and they are exactly the same. Also I'm buying a fleece blanket. So in the nights I will be warm our house doesn't have heat so its pretty cold. I was asking Hna Bair how long winter was and she told me we aren't even in winter yet. Right now we are in autumn. I about died because its really cold right now. We are in the mountains. So it's even going to be colder than in Santiago. lol the other night I slept with my gloves, scarf, 3 shirts, my shorts my sweat pants my exercise pants, jacket and two pairs of socks and it was still cold but today I'm going to buy another blanket and sweater so I will be good. I hadn't spent the money for the brownies and so I'm really happy that I can use that money for warm clothes which is a little more important yeah. We are going to buy our cards today to call you but I don't know the schedule or anything yet sorry.
Love, Hermana Moss

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