Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cody's News 4/12/2010

Hey Ma,
Things have been going by pretty slow compared to how it was with my other companion Elder Orellana but it is still good we are finding some new people and getting to baptize a few on the 25 and the 2nd so that will be good Martin had a baptismal interview but he said that he feels like he has not felt God is real. So I am back to teaching some more. Well we have been teaching a bunch of women and one of them is crazy. Like 2 weeks ago she was like your mom misses you alot right now and then she also said some other girl that is older than me back home, but also it was crazy because she had a dream with you and this other girl and me and I pulled out me photo of the family I said you saw her (pointing to you) she said yes and that in the dream I was chubby like in the picture. So that was crazy. Then that monday you said that you were missing me a bunch so it was interesting but I still have yet to find out about the other girl in the dream. I am getting good and skinny now I have probably have lost like 25 pounds or so but I still have some chubb so I am working on that. the other day we went to a house in another part of town and we tore off the roof because the house is going to be demolished so we took off the roof so they could make a barrier between their property and the road. ya we keep teachign a bunch of women and their husbands are like rocks so we are going to start working on them.

Elder Cody Moss

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