Monday, April 5, 2010

Ambers News 4\5\2010

Hola Mama,
¿como esta? How are you? Things here are pretty good. My sister Hermana Bair and I, we are doing well. The weather here um it's hot but I don't die. Everyone makes fun of my cloths cuz they are long sleeve and my dresses are long but I'm O.K. with it cuz in winter I hear it gets really really cold. I can deal with the heat but the cold is harder. OH I missed girls night that is ok Hemana Bair and I had our own girls night. Yeah we did. We do what we do everyday track lol actually we taught Gorge the plan of salvation and he has a date for baptism now. So that is great. Oh did you do my taxes? I hope you all had a good time for easter. It was good here but it was just like anyother day here. NO we don't have a stove, sad huh we have a stove top thingish we have to hook the gas up to it to start it. It is kind of like the camping ones. We have a water heater thing that is hooked to our tub and we also use the gas with this so when we take showers we have to turn on the gas and light the thing inside the box and then we will have hot water. I don't remember if I told you that we do not knock on doors cuz they all are fenced so we stand at the gate and say halo and then they come out. One thing that was really neat for me this week was on wednesday in the morning I felt that we should visit a member so I told Hermana Bair and so later in the day we did and her daughter that is not a member came to the door and said her mom was not feeling well. Not like sick but she did not want to see anyone. Hna Bair said my companion felt today that we should come visit your mom is there anything that we can do? She said no but maybe this was an experience for her daughter I do not know but it was really neat for me.
Hola Papa,
Oh man, Hna Bair and I just died. I asked her if she was related to Elmer Bair and she said she was that he was her great grandpa and that Evan Bair is her grandpa. Oh man this is crazy that we are related. LOL Hermana Bair said she is going to tell everyone that she has a brother that survived the terremoto. This is so bakan(cool) because Hermana Bair and I really are like sisters. We have not had any problems yet..LOL. We are working hard but our mission is more of a hunting mission and Cody's is more of a fishing mission especially now with the earthquake. In my area there is not any damage or anything. But we are working hard just the same and I´m learning so much every day. It is really hard work but I'm getting better and better every day. I'm jealous of your Easter dinner yesterday. But the other day I had something like an empenada and I almost died it was sooo good. Wow conference was amazing yeah? I loved David A Bednars talk it was soo good. Tell grandmother and grandfather I said holla! Y que mi español es mucho mejor ahora. and that my spanish is much better. pero no intiendo much do los chileanos. but I do not understand much of the chileans. ellos hablo muy rapido. They speak really fast and mumble and leave out letters in words but it is coming! This week for conference I invited people to write down preguntas ellos tienen en sus vidas ahora. Questions they had in their lives now and that in conference they would be answered. Samantha a new member of 3 months did this and had her questions answered it was awesome becuase she is 16 oh man I love her she is hilarious .
Your favorite Hermona,

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