Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amber's News 4/ 12/2010

Hey everyone, I have to write a really fast letter today becuase Herana Bair and I are in Santiago and there is only one computer.
Thanks for all of your emails it was good to hear from you all. Sounds like you all had fun in park city! thats pretty cool and Easter looked delicious as always. Mom thanks for the brownie recipe and the money. yah! I'm super excited for them yum.
Hna Bair and I have been working hard. Right now we are looking for people to teach. I know we will find some soon. We have a baptism set for this month. Carola was taught by the missionarys 4 years ago and now wants to be baptized so we are pretty excited for that. We had transers today and Hna Bair and I are still together I am pretty excited about that because she is great.
Aubs thanks for the pictures it was really fun to see you all. Next week I can send some becuase I forgot my card today.
Well I guess I am doing the same but I walk alot. Eric hola gracious for the letter and good luck to you and Tazia selling. I can't believe it has been a year since you were married. I love you much! Whitney hey porque no escribio me ? huh? Why don't you write? email me k then I can emial you. I loved your miss conginitaly face coming up the stairs. Well I am doing really good here and working hard I love you all and will write you tonz next week! peace!
Hna Moss

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