Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Amber's News 4/ 19/2010

Hola de CHILE!
Things here are going great! My comp and I have been working really hard. I´m loving the work! Its getting really really cold here. Can you believe that Chile, freezing yah exspecially in Los Andes. The nights are really cold so we bundle up really well but the crazy thing is we are just starting to go into winter. This week a lot of people commented on my spanish and that it had improved and so I"m really happpy about that. We have a baptism for the 2 of May. Her name is Carola and she met the missionarys about 4 years ago. But she couldnt be baptized then but now she can! Also we found a guy named Mario we had a good lesson about the restuaration with him. We have another with him tonight about the plan of salvaction. We are working on finding new people right now. We talk to alot of people in the streets and all but they are never in their house when we pass by. Thanks for doing my taxes. I'm happy about the amount and Whitneys two dollars lol. No I didn't buy the brownie stuff yet. Hna Bair and I were in Santiago last week shopping they have like a million shops out there it was really neat to see it all. We had a fun time but didn't have much time to email cuz we could only find one computer. Thanks for correcting my email to Chandler the keyboards here are different to type on and learning Spanish has totally messed up my english. Yesterday I had a pretty cool expericence with Spanish I was able to understand most everything that this member was saying. Um the best thing that I have eaten hmm well they have stinking good food here. Oh I about died when I ate this thing that is really similar to a empenanda but I don't remember what it is called. But it was really good also I had another meal that had a potato and meat with juice it was really good. Oh saturday I had a super bien salad. It was half of an avocado on a salad with tuna and mayonesa. It was really really good I liked it. oh yeah I like avocados now, ha, we eat them a lot here and then there were sliced tomatoes on the side too. Some times the salad is just sliced tomatoes with sliced onions and I forgot the name of it but its a plantish thing that you put in salsa (it starts with a c I think) and thats the salad. Its really good. The milk here is in the boxes we had them before I think we got them from grandpa but when you buy them they are not refrigerated.
When we go to Santiago we ride the bus its a 1 hour and a half ride. But in our area we walk every where we have bikes but they are broken right now. When we come email or shop for food on Mondays we have to go to the centro and we take a collectivo or a taxi here. When we are in Santiago we take the subway which is super cool. The other day it was just packed with people and I told Hna Bair I was a germaphobe and she said no way and I just laughed. We have a lot of fun together. She has taught me so much. You all will like her. She is coming to visit when shes done k. She finishes her mission in December and goes to byu. Mommy really I'm doing good here I'm loving the work more and more everyday especially when I can understand and talk more it is hard but I'm getting it. I am really finding true joy in life.
Hermana Moss

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