Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cody's News 4/25/2011

So things are doing good, today I'm going fishing with an investigator named Juan, he is a really good guy and he has a few extra poles to share, so that is going to be a fun experience. We are going to have some baptisms on Sunday, the wife of a less active member, Catherine, and the grandson, of some members. So things are on the up and up. We are working away. I'm hoping that everything went well for the easterness, and yes it is raining down here too. For mothers day we have the place confirmed to do the call, and yes I believe that skype is still approved. Wow it is crazy to think that it is half way between Christmas and when I go home, now, thats crazy!! Before you know it I'm going to be home causing a ruckus! Things are pretty crazy I forgot last week I wanted to ask for you to send me a rain suit you know like the jacket and pants that are water proof because that way I won't get so wet. So that would be scrumptious also if you could send me some more shoe laces, for some reason I keep killing them. The other day Elder Catuguago went to Licanten on a mini-transfer to help the missionaries over there and so when I went to go pick him up I had to take the bus out 2 hours one way and then 2 hours to get back home it was a trip alright. I was toast after that I was pretty horrible. When is Amber going to do her call so I can call before or after like I did the other time. it sure does sound like you guys are just a bunch of fat fat fatties eating so much for Easter but then again it is a tradition. Here the Catholic tradition is to eat fish so I think that, that is crazy. Even though Salmon is scrumptious. So yah Juan is the guy that we are going fishing with today he said that he is going to do a bbq next to the river and he also fishes Salmon so one of these days he is going to fish us a Salmon. He said that in the winter here the Salmons are in the rivers. yuMMM.
Elder Cody Moss

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