Friday, May 6, 2011

Amber's News 5/2/2011

So we really rocked Santiago this week. We found 5 new people to teach and we have 2 that accepted a date to be baptized. City life is so busy all of the cars, people and big buildings. There is never a dull moment there is always someone to talk to. The ward here is so great. Missionaries have been here in chile for 50 years and we met a woman that has 47 years in the church. That was pretty cool. It was pretty different that neither of us knew anything about the sector but we did really good getting around. Now we are pros. We are really excited to get out and get teaching this week and to help our investigators progress. Its starting to get a little colder. We live in an apartment now so that is a little different and we don't have to light the water heater so that is really weird. Its like magic u just have to turn on the water and you can change it to hot or cold. So we are really liking our sector. Hna buckner and hna dinsdale were around Santiago with their parents so that was fun we got to see them for a few minutes.
love hna moss

Hermana Moss
Chile Santiago North Mission
Forestal 2680
Pisc 3, Oficina 32, Casilla #18
Conchali, Region Metropolitana

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