Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cody's News 4/18/2011

Hey there,
So things were a little crazy here this last week, the sister that washes our clothes had a heart attack on Friday after giving us lunch and died yesterday around 1 or 2. so we went to her showing thats in the church last night. So that is kinda sad. But we have been working hard and the Lord has blessed us with a family to teach, we are going to visit them today their names are Juan, Alejandra, and Melony, hopefully every thing goes well. They said that they are going to come to church this up coming Sunday. So we are going to work with them it is only the husband is kinda hard to find but we'll get him. My comp Elder Catucuago is amazing, the plan ( he mentioned this comp. designed a plan that the mission is using) pretty much is to get the entire ward working in missionary work so then things really begin to skyrocket when that works, so we are getting everything going here so things can change.
Elder Cody Moss

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